Domain DKIM Setup


What it is?

DKIM allows the receiver to check that an email claimed to have come from a specific domain was indeed authorized by the owner of that domain. It achieves this by affixing a digital signature, linked to a domain name, to each outgoing email message. The recipient system can verify this by looking up the signer's public key published in the DNS. A valid signature also guarantees that some parts of the email (possibly including attachments) have not been modified since the signature was affixed. Usually, DKIM signatures are not visible to end-users and are affixed or verified by the infrastructure rather than the message's authors and recipients.

What we do?

  • Analyze the existing setup,
  • Adjust your existing DKIM records to satisfy policy requirements (if required),
  • Generate DomainKeys if required,
  • Create new DKIM record (if required),
  • Verify settings
  • Test and confirm

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